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  1. Scheduling Campus Facilities For questions regarding scheduling, students should call the Jack H. Overman Student Center Office, (620)235-4791. They can advise on all regulations regarding the use of campus facilities.
  2. Pets in Campus Buildings No pets are allowed in campus buildings. Only laboratory animals and owner-accompanied service animals are permitted.
  3. Use of Facilities for Political Activities
    1. State facilities shall not be made available for fund-raising events for candidates or parties.
    2. Facilities of institutions under the Board of Regents may be made available for the purpose of holding political meetings, provided there is no interference with regularly scheduled functions, there is not otherwise available a reasonable facility in the community, students are permitted to hear the speakers without charge, and sponsors pay in advance the regular fees for use of the facilities.
  4. Traffic and Parking Regulations Traffic and parking regulations and appeal procedures are published each year by the Office of University Police & Parking Services and are available in Lower Level, Shirk Hall.
  5. Handling of Absences by Student Life Regular attendance in class is important to success in college. If occasions arise when a student has to be absent from class, it is the student's responsibility to clear this absence with his/her instructor. Each instructor has the responsibility to make his/her absence policy known to his/her students and to make his/her telephone number available for notification. In those emergencies requiring a prolonged absence from class, such as death in the family or illness, the student should call the Student Life Office, 221 Russ Hall, (620)235-4231, to report these absences. This office will receive the message and communicate any unusual circumstances to an instructor after an absence of three days. Advisors may register student organization absences but the Student Life Office will not send out notices. Notification by the Student Life Office does not relieve the student of the responsibility of later clearing the absence with the instructor. If, in the judgment of the instructor, a student has been excessively absent, the instructor may drop a student from class and report this to the Registrars Office. It is suggested that the instructor send a registered letter to the student prior to this action giving him/her a chance to explain or to make up absences.
  6. Change of Address To make sure that students receive official notices, grade reports and emergency messages, they should report any change of address to the Registrars Office. G. Student Government Association Regulations For a copy of the Student Government Association Constitution and Bylaws, students should request a copy at the Student Government Association Office in the Jack H. Overman Student Center.