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Department of Communication

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The structure of the Communication major has been revised to allow students to select either a specialized major within one of the department's career options, or to create a broader career path for themselves. The new structure reflects career opportunities that increasingly call for flexibility and a wide range of communication skills.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science, Major in Photojournalism
Visual messages pervade today's society more intensely than ever. Newspapers, magazines, billboards, television and other sources constantly surround us with images. Photojournalism majors can prepare themselves to become part of that visual communication field.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Public Relations
Public relations is a challenging, competitive career. It demands a high degree of communication expertise and a variety of skills. Students are taught the skills they need and provided an explanation of the complexity and rigor necessary to be good public relations professionals.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Broadcasting
Broadcasting today is a challenging and complex career, and in order to meet those challenges, students must acquire sufficient education and experience. Broadcast education prepares an individual for a meaningful career in the field of electronic media.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Journalism
The journalism program is designed to prepare students for careers in the print media -- newspapers, magazines and, with the advent of the World Wide Web, online publications.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Advertising
Advertising stimulates the creative aspects of businesses, industries, and nonprofit organizations. Advertising professionals are hard-working and creative individuals who look for new ideas or for "fresh" approaches to problem-solving. From the smallest all-text classified ads to the most lavish television commercials, advertising provides an essential form of communication between an organization and its present or potential customers.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Theatre
The theatre emphasis includes the major areas of performance studies, acting, directing, design and technical practice. Under the direction of talented and experienced faculty, students may participate in a wide variety of performance experiences across the spectrum of the arts, including performance art, opera, classical and contemporary theatre, dance, musicals, children's theatre and experimental work. Productions are often conceived from an interdisciplinary perspective. Opportunities exist for students to participate in international theatre programs.

Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Communication
In an increasingly complex world, the need for effective communication is a must. Communication education at the junior high and high school level helps students become better communicators.

Minor in Communication
A communication minor is a good complement to many courses of study.  Students in this minor will learn communication skills that will enhance their effectiveness in many fields.

Minor in Communication, Second Teaching Option
The second teaching option in Communication is for persons completing another secondary certification program.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Arts, Major in Communciation
The curriculum is divided into Applied Communication, Communication Education, Mass Communication and Theatre. The program includes courses in advertising, broadcasting, journalism, international communication, theatre production and performance, public relations, organizational communication, interpersonal communication and graduate seminars in communication theory. Consult with your graduate advisor to determine the course work best suited for your goals.