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Gorilla Peer Health promotes, supports, and encourages healthy living for all students and provides educational resources on a variety of health topics to help students make informed decisions about their life.

Why Peer Education?

It is our belief that peer education is an effective instrument in which one may deliver information to a target audience, since the messenger is more like them in lifestyle and circumstances.

What to Expect

Our programs and workshops are highly versatile and adaptive, giving us the opportunity to cater our message to our target audience.

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  • Responsible Decision Making (RDM)
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep
  • Body Image
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI)
  • Alcohol Workshop
  • Drug Workshop
  • Hazing Bystander Intervention
This is an interactive workshop that covers general facts about alcohol, drugs, and safer sex practices. Additionally, there is a discussion on the consequences of high risk drinking and the available resources. This workshop takes approximately 45 minutes to facilitate.
This workshop will define terms, help identify stressors, and teach techniques that can help manage stress. This workshop takes approximately 40 minutes to facilitate.
This workshop addresses myths and facts of sleeping, sleep deprivation, sleep cycles, and provides tips to help improve sleeping habits. This workshop takes approximately 40 minutes to facilitate.
This workshop challenges a person’s perception on beauty and body image. It helps individuals examine societal, cultural and media factors, and their own beliefs that help contribute to body image and their behavior changes as result of those factors. This workshop takes approximately 30 minutes to facilitate.
This workshop addresses the difference between sexually transmitted disease and sexually transmitted infections, the risk associated with unprotected sex, and preventative measures that can be taken to decrease your risk of STIs. This workshop takes 20 minutes to facilitate
This workshop includes activities that cover the standard drink size, BAC, signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and some risks associated with drinking. This workshop takes 30 minutes to facilitate.
This workshop covers opioid use, both illicit opioids and prescribed opioids, and how the impact these drugs can have on person’s life. This workshop takes 15-20 minutes to facilitate.
It's a 60 minute presentation on identifying hazing, how to be an active bystander in a hazing situation, and the resources to help.

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