Catherine Hooey

About Catherine Hooey


  • Ph.D., University of Western Ontario University, Ontario, Canada, 1993
    Geography: Perception, Decision Making and Spatial Behaviour
  • M.A., University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada, 1988
    Anthropology: Emphasis in Archaeology and Human-Environment Interaction
  • B.A., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1982
    Anthropology: Emphasis in Archaeology 

Courses Taught

  • World Regional Geography         
  • Environmental Geography (Fall Class)    
  • Global Environmental Changes (Spring Class)
  • Geography of Hazards and Disasters (Spring Class)
  • Senior Seminar in Geography (Fall Class)
  • Internship in GIS and Environmental Geography

Areas of  Interest

Research Interests

My research focuses on human-environment interaction. I am particularly interested in marginal environments and how people perceive and adapt to variable conditions. Recent research includes southeast Kansas and mining landscapes, and west-central Alberta and agriculture. Past research has included perception of change in small towns and geographic education. 

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Catherine Hooey
Dr. Catherine Hooey
University Professor of Geography

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Office: 322 Russ Hall

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