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Erin Eddy - PSU Softball

Erin Eddy - PSU Softball
I love it here as an athlete and as a student. The two blend well together."
~ Erin Eddy, PSU Softball team captain and communication major

Successful college students tend to develop an expertise in multitasking, and for those like Pittsburg State softball standout Erin Eddy who add athletic involvement to the mix, it's a valuable life lesson to learn.

In the heat of the season, Eddy and her teammates are juggling coursework, jobs, plus four or five games each week. To be good at everything is a demonstration of the commitment of student athletes.

For Eddy, a center-fielder whose team-leading batting average of .347 ranks her among the MIAA leaders (as does her team-leading 26 runs scored), finding that balance wouldn't have been possible without the support of her instructors.

"I don't know what it would be like to be only a student and not have the demands of athletics," said Eddy, a senior communication major and softball team captain. "The teachers are so supportive. I love it here as an athlete and as a student. The two blend well together."

 Eddy transferred to PSU three years ago after playing softball at a community college. Getting involved in groups like Pitt Pals, Youth Friends, Up 'til Dawn and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she said the campus immediately felt like home away from home.

And even though losing students like Eddy to graduation is inevitable, Softball Coach Annette Hunt says her athletes sometimes end up teaching her as much as she teaches them.

"Erin affects the people around her in a very positive way, and that's one of the intangible things she brings to the game," Hunt said. "Her positivity is contagious. She's just a great young lady, and she's given a lot to PSU softball."