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The Jungle Book - PSU Theatre Program

The Jungle Book
It gives me a chance to be creative. Whenever I do a show, I try to do something different. Something challenging."
~ Lisa Quinteros, PSU lecturer and theatre program costumer

For Department of Communication Chairperson Cynthia Allan, there's no better way to tell prospective students about the opportunities they'll have in theatre than putting on a great performance.

And although her crew does it show after show, even she has to admit the creativity, collaboration, and hard work behind this fall's production is pretty incredible.

"To be part of creating something like this from the ground up with the quality of these collaborative artists is truly unique," Allan said. "I can't imagine a more creative and vibrant atmosphere for students."

Allan, chairwoman of the Department of Communication, is director of October's presentation of "The Jungle Book," which showcases not only the theatre program, but also the Department of Music as well as dancers from the Midwest Regional Ballet. Allan, along with graduate student Linden Little and adjunct faculty member Megan Westhoff, wrote the original adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic children's tale together. (In photo, l-r: Little, Westhoff, and Allan.) The performance runs Oct. 28-30 at Pittsburg's Memorial Auditorium.

Featuring drumming, chanting, and even an aerial monkey ballet, Allan said the blend of talents - from student actors and musicians to professional dancers - has been unrivaled at PSU.

"I've admired the work of my theater, dance, and music colleagues and for all of us to be working on the same production is a phenomenal experience," she said.

In addition to musical direction by Stella Hastings and an original score by Jim Clanton (both PSU music professors), the show also features original origami costuming by Lisa Quinteros, theatre costume designer and a lecturer in communication.

"It gives me a chance to be creative," Quinteros said. "Whenever I do a show, I try to do something different. Something challenging."

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