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Faculty-Staff Steak Fry

Faculty-Staff Steak Fry

Earlier in the day on Sept. 14, University Archivist Randy Roberts talked about George Trout at the rededication of the residence hall named in his honor. Roberts noted that there was some irony in the fact that the university was rededicating a building named in honor of the longtime faculty member and administrator on the same day as the annual Faculty-Staff Steak Fry, an event that has its roots in a dinner first hosted by Trout.

Several hours after Roberts gave his presentation at the rededication ceremony, lines of both retired and current faculty and staff formed on the east side of Carnie Smith Stadium while the steak crew tended a long grill covered with seasoned steaks.

Larry Thornburg, professor emeritus, rang the bell at 5:30 p.m. to signal the beginning of an event that, according to Roberts, began informally as a gathering of friends and colleagues.

Much has changed over the decades, but, Roberts said, he believed George Trout would be pleased to know that the modern Faculty-Staff Steak Fry remains most of all, a pleasant, relaxed gathering of friends and colleagues.