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Tyler Larson

Tyler Larson
Here, you’re treated like a student, not a number."
~ Tyler Larson, senior physical education major

With more than 100 academic programs spanning a variety of disciplines, Pittsburg State University is an attractive choice when choosing from universities in the region. But what does it take to draw students from thousands of miles away?

For Tyler Larson from Seattle, PSU's unique sense of community was a big influence.

"The social and cultural activities the university provides make this school a great place to be," said Larson, a senior physical education major who is studying to become a Division 1 strength and conditioning coordinator.

Originally recruited to play football, Larson realized how valuable PSU would be in helping him prepare for his future career when he learned about the top-notch facilities and programs. As a fitness supervisor at PSU's Student Recreation Center, it's a field in which he's getting unparalleled hands-on experience.

"I've had great opportunities to do something I enjoy and help others achieve their goals, which has been really rewarding," he said.

But what he appreciates most are the faculty members guiding him through concepts he'll use long into the future.

"Pitt State has given me the opportunity to create and build strong relationships with my professors," he said. "Building relationships, getting involved with campus activities, and having a positive experience is what Pitt State is all about. Here, you're treated like a student, not a number."