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Cindy Ford & Delia Lister

Cindy Ford & Delia Lister
It’s great to be honored next to someone I think so highly of."
~ Delia Lister, Nature Reach director

Two educators in Pittsburg State's Department of Biology are being recognized for their outstanding work in environmental education - and they have one another to thank.

Dr. Cindy Ford, a professor of biology, and Delia Lister, director of the PSU Nature Reach program, have worked together for years providing students with a quality, hands-on education in conservation. This spring, they unknowingly nominated each other for awards that reflect that hard work: Dr. Ford received the 2009 Distinguished Professional Interpreter Award from the National Association for Interpretation, and Lister will pick up the Rising Star Award from the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education.

Ford traveled to St. Louis in February to get her award at the NAI Region 6 Workshop. Lister will receive her honor, given to environmental educators who have been in the field for less than five years, at the 2010 Excellence in Conservation and Environmental Education Awards Celebration in Topeka on April 9.

 "I was very surprised to win this, because what I do is so enjoyable to me that it doesn't seem like work," said Ford, who co-founded PSU's Nature Reach program 25 years ago and is also a past-winner of the John Strickler Award for Excellence in Conservation and Environmental Education.

For Lister, who has developed programs such as child-focused summer camps and presentations on birds of prey, knowing her mentor has been so proud of her work is an accomplishment in itself.

"It's great to be honored next to someone I think so highly of," Lister said.