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Dr. Judith Shaw - Department of History

Dr. Judith Shaw
There’s a song from ‘Mary Poppins’ about a spoonful of sugar, which I think is a great way to teach history."
~ Dr. Judith Shaw

Always wearing a hat and often riding a bicycle campus, history professor Judith Shaw may not seem as conventional as other faculty. But with an unrivaled 50 years of service to the university, doing things her own way certainly seems to have worked.

At 78, the award-winning professor has been ranked a favorite of alumni countless times, as well as a professor known for her unique ability to truly interest students in history.

"There's a song from 'Mary Poppins' about a spoonful of sugar, which I think is a great way to teach history," Shaw said. "Peoples' attention spans are not terribly long, so if you can slip in anecdotes - comedy, bloody stories, scandals - it certainly makes it more interesting."

A European history scholar who studied in France and Germany before heading back to the states, it is her first-hand perspective of world events, as well as her ability to connect with students, that fills her classes each semester - and continues to make her one of PSU's best.

 "I've always said I'll teach as long as I enjoy it and my health is good," Shaw said. "I'm glad to have spent my career here. Pittsburg is a great place to live and work."