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Textbook rental growing rapidly at PSU

July 30, 2012 12:00AM

Gorilla Bookstore Manager Fawn Chesnutt stocks books in preparation for the fall semester.

When Pittsburg State University students return to the campus in the fall, they’ll see a lot of green signs with the word “Rental.” It has nothing to do with the housing market in Pittsburg, but instead is an indication of the growing number of books for rent in the Barnes and Noble Gorilla Bookstore.

Bookstore Manager Fawn Chesnutt said textbook rentals have grown steadily since the bookstore first offered them in the fall of 2010.

“The first year, 20-25 percent of the titles were available as rentals,” Chesnutt said. “This year it’s about half.”

Chesnutt said students saved more than $182,000 last year by renting textbooks instead of buying new ones. This fall, there will be 380 titles available to rent, compared to 320 last fall.

Chesnutt said the bookstore works to provide a variety of options for students looking to save money on textbooks. In addition to renting, Chesnutt said, students can purchase used books and there are also many titles available digitally.

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