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PSU/JCCC agreement helps transfer students earn degree

May 08, 2012 12:00AM

Johnson County Community College President Terry Calaway, left, and PSU President Steve Scott sign a transfer articulation agreement on May 8.

In a move designed to make it even easier for students to transfer credit hours, Pittsburg State University and Johnson County Community College have signed a reverse transfer agreement for associate degree completion.

The agreement, which was signed Tuesday at PSU, will allow students who have transferred to PSU with 45 or more hours completed from JCCC to earn their JCCC Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree by taking courses to meet remaining requirements at Pittsburg State. These courses will, in most instances, also apply toward their bachelor’s degree at PSU.

Pittsburg State University will identify students eligible for degree completion and inform them of the program. Those students will then have the option of taking part in the program which will result in the sharing of their academic records and advising information between the two institutions.

“Pittsburg State and Johnson County Community College have enjoyed a close relationship for many years,” said Pittsburg State University President Steve Scott. “Today’s agreement is an exciting step forward in our partnership and will provide students with a seamless transfer process between our institutions.”

JCCC President Terry Calaway said the agreement had statewide significance.

“What happened today really is historic, not just for our college and Pittsburg State University, but for the state of Kansas,” Calaway said. “What this agreement does is allow a student a seamless and almost invisible way to earn their degree.”

Calaway noted research that shows that students who complete an associate’s degree are much more likely to successfully complete a four-year degree.

Calaway said the latest agreement between PSU and JCCC is just another step in a longstanding, strong relationship between the two institutions.

“PSU and JCCC have a great history of relationship building and student transfer success,” Calaway said. “I think it is probably a model for the state of Kansas in the way colleges and community colleges work together.”

“Johnson County Community College is a very, very high quality institution and they serve a very important part of the state,” Scott said. “We feel very good about the cooperation we’ve had in the past and certainly today is a reflection of that.”

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