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Nature Reach moves into temporary quarters

April 23, 2014 2:15PM

Charlie the Macaw made his displeasure at being moved clear as Delia Lister introduced him to his temporary home in Hartman Hall, Wednesday.

Like her Biblical counterpart, but on a smaller scale, Delia Lister supervised the rescue of animals Wednesday. Under her direction, workers moved ferrets, and turtles, snakes and birds and all manner of animals from their Nature Reach home in Pittsburg State University’s Heckert-Wells Hall to temporary quarters in nearby Hartman Hall.

The issue for the creatures under Lister’s care, however, wasn’t the weather. It’s air conditioning.

Lister, coordinator of Pittsburg State University’s Nature Reach science education program, moved the animals in advance of a major project HVAC systems replacement project in Heckert-Wells. Faculty offices and laboratories for the departments of Chemistry and Biology are moving, as well.

University officials said the renovation project will be completed in the fall.

Lister noted that moving can be stressful for humans and animals, as well. As she spoke, Charlie the Macaw made his displeasure with all of the activity clear with a series of loud squawks.

“It’s probably hardest on the mammals,” she said, as she coaxed a pair of prairie dogs out of a tube in their inclosure. “And, of course, Charlie.”

Non-venomous snakes, the iguana and others were carried by hand to their new, temporary homes. The copperhead and rattlesnakes made the journey safely confined in their enclosures.

“We had a lot of help making the move today,” Lister said. “That definitely made the process go more smoothly. We appreciate all the help.”

Moving a ball python for Nature Reach

Ashton Hall eases a Ball Python into its enclosure in Hartman Hall, Wednesday.

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