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Cabinetry machine donation improves work in wood technology

October 16, 2008 12:00AM

The Pittsburg State University Wood Technology Program announced this week that the RT Machine Company of Hughesville, Penn., has installed a machine that will allow the program to enhance its manufacturing capabilities.

The company donated an SCMI Model Startech 23 Boring Machine valued at around $10,000 for use in the wood technology program. Associate Professor David Miles said the machine will help keep the program at state-of-the-art standards.

"We were in need of a boring machine that would enhance our cell-based manufacturing unit," Miles said. "This was a pleasant surprise. We welcome RT Machine Company to our growing list of Partners in Education."

Partners in Education is a group of people or businesses that have helped PSU technology programs by loaning or donating equipment.

Miles said the machine bores vertical holes and construction holes used to assemble cabinetry.

"It's of tremendous value simply because the industry is using this method quite often," Miles said. "If you get into the big box stores, this is the same kind of construction that they're using, as opposed to the guy in the garage using screws. This is the true way of building cabinets for mass production."

Miles said the machine will be used for many projects, as the wood technology program does at least one cabinetry project a year. Last year, students built cabinets for the Masonic Lodge, while this year they are building a set for a fraternity.

Whatever the project, Miles said it wouldn't be possible without help from the industry.

"We appreciate very much the industry's support," Miles said. "If it wasn't for the industry, obviously we wouldn't have about $2.5 million in equipment over here in our labs."

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