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Indian Student Association celebrates Diwali

November 02, 2011 12:00AM

An annual celebration of Indian culture featuring an array of food, dancing and entertainment, will soon take place at Pittsburg State University when the Indian Student Association celebrates Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

In what has become a highly anticipated event in the Pittsburg community, the local Diwali festival offers participants a unique look into India's culture and heritage. This year's Diwali celebration will begin at 5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6, in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom.

Diwali, a festival celebrated between mid-October and mid-November, is recognized as an official holiday not only in India, but in several other Middle Eastern countries, as well. Celebrated for five days on the Hindu calendar, the holiday uses many special symbols, including lighting lamps filled with oil (to signify good over evil) and fireworks (to drive evil spirits away).

Hundreds of community members take part in ISA's colorful Diwali celebration each fall to learn more about the holiday as well as the country.

Tickets for the event are $12 and can be purchased from members of ISA or through PSU's International Programs and Services office at 620-235-4680. Tickets at the door are $15.

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