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High school students explore nursing profession at PSU

April 01, 2010 12:00AM

Senior nursing major Christina Jones shows high school students how to start an IV.

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We need good people to continue the long tradition and heritage of nursing. "
~ Susan Seglie, associate professor of nursing
school students exploring a career in nursing collected valuable information on the field while attending Nursing Career Day at Pittsburg State University on April 1.

More than 50 seniors from school districts as far away as Kansas City visited McPherson Hall for a day of education about the nursing profession. PSU nursing students led sessions on how to give shots, start an IV, perform the Heimlich maneuver and health assessments, and what it's like to work in various emergency health settings such as a hospital ER, a helicopter or an ambulance.

Susan Seglie, an associate professor of nursing who co-coordinated the day, said Pitt State students had the option to lead sessions at Nursing Career Day or visit the state legislature earlier this year.

"For our students, these things are part of being a leader in our profession," she said. "They're learning that nursing entails more than one thing in more than one setting."

Nursing Career Day participants also had a chance to listen to Army ROTC leaders speak about the close relationship between nursing and the military, and hear about scholarship opportunities. Seglie said she hopes that after the session, the participants will give serious consideration to nursing as a profession.

"It's important to familiarize them with the field and with what PSU has to offer," she said. "We need good people to continue the long tradition and heritage of nursing."

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