Questions and Answers about the Writing to Learn Program

Q: Who must enroll in a Writing to Learn (WL) course?                                             

All PSU freshman must enroll in a WL course for two consecutive semesters, after English Composition.  Any transfer student who has not completed 55 hours must complete two WL courses, unless unless the requirement is waived.

Q: Who does not enroll?

Students who transfer to PSU with 55 credit hours or more do not take WL courses.  If transfer students have questions about whether to take a WL course, they should ask their advisors.

 Q: How should WL courses be scheduled?

One WL course must be taken each semester following completion of English 101.  Two WL courses should not be taken in the same semester.  English 101 and two WL courses are prerequisites for English 299.  Advisors will help students select WL courses that match their needs and interests.

Q: How can WL courses be identified?

WL courses are listed in the on-line course schedule each semester.  They are coded WL. There is also a separate list of WL courses off the on-line course schedule page.

Q: How can advisors know if a student has taken a WL course?

The course will be marked "WL" on the grade report and on the transcript.  Advisors will receive an email each semester showing where their advisees are in the series of courses.  The unofficial degree audit shows in yellow how many WL courses will be need to be taken.  This information can also be found on the WAC report on advisors' Gus menu.

Q: What can be done about writing problems?

The Writing Center, located in the library, offers free tutorial services for sentence structure and for development of ideas.  To schedule an appointment at the Writing Center go to