Growth of Writing to Learn

  • The number of Writing to Learn classes offered has increased from 9 in Spring of 1990 to an average of 79 presently  [Average is based off of Fall and Spring 2012, 2011, and 2010 semesters]
    • Currently taught in approx. 18 disciplines
  • Almost 400 faculty have taught Writing to Learn classes
  • Over 3,000 sections of Writing to Learn classes have been taught
  • Over 150 different types of WL Classes have been offered through the years

  • Note about the graph on the WL Statistics page:  The graph denotes Writing to Learn classes that were actually taught.  This number could differ from the totals off each of the WL semester schedule pages.  (Totals off the WL semester schedule pages include classes that were later dropped.)

  • Note about differences number of WL class offerings by department:
    • Instructors take part in this program on a volunteer basis
    • WL classes also open and close depending on student demand