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Sabbatical Showcase

Each semester the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, in collaboration with the PSU Faculty Senate and PSU KNEA, host a series of "Sabbatical Showcase" presentations. These events offer an excellent opportunity to learn more about the research and enrichment outcomes sabbaticals provide.

Use the menu at the right to view showcase information from previous semesters.

Fall 2014 Presentations

  • Janice Jewett - "Shared Recreational Facilities in Kansas"
  • Tadek Dobrowolski - "Learning Topology in Warsaw, Poland"
  • Bruce Warner - "Of Flanker Interference and eXpTools 2: A Bifurcated Tale of Sabbatical Accomplishments"
  • Doug Whitten - "Recruiting for the College Marching Band"
  • Kelly Woestman - "Woodrow Wilson: Progressive President or Moral Crusader?"

Sabbatical Showcase Fall 2014