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iPad Project

In the fall of 2011, the Office of the Provost provided funding for an iPad pilot project.  Three faculty members had the opportunity to distribute a number of iPads to their students to use throughout the initial semester.  As of Fall 2013, a total of 20 faculty have participated in this project.

Each semester, faculty may apply to participate in this project.  The CTLT will email faculty each semester to inform them of how and when to apply to participate in this project.  Participants in this project are asked to provide a formal presentation to all faculty the following semester.

Below are videos and other information from presentations faculty made to campus following integrating iPads into their classrooms.

iPad Panel Presentations - Spring 2014

The following instructors presented on how they implemented iPads in their classes during the Fall 2013 semester.

  • Cheryl Giefer "Facetime for Clinicals"  epocrates app

  • Brenda Roberts "Facetime for Student Teachers"

  • David Gordon "Collecting Ecological Data"

  • Erik Mayer "Investigations in Technology: Robotics Officers" Labview app

  • Jamie McDaniel "How-To Series" Sample "Building an Effective Flyer for Your Student Organization"

  • Brian Sandford "iPad in the Classroom:Technical Construction Spanish for the Jobsite Supervisor"

  • Neal Schmidt Go-rillas experiential parameters

iPad Panel Presentations - Fall 2013

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology invites you to attend an iPad Project Presentation Brown Bag on Wednesday, October 23, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in Hartman Hall Room 332A.

The following instructors will be presenting about their projects:

  • Troy Comeau, Communication
  • Jamie Oliver, Art
  • Brenda Roberts, Teaching and Leadership
  • Brian Sandford, Technology and Workforce Learning

Bring your lunch and join us as your colleagues share interesting projects experienced by their students through this iPad Project. There is no pre-registration for this event. Please attend when you can.

Fall 2012 iPad Project

The faculty who participated in the iPad Project Program in the Fall of 2012 are:

  • Daniel Zurek, Biology
  • Jamie McDaniel, English
  • Akram Taghavi-Burris, Graphics and Imaging Technologies
  • Marti York, Teaching and Leadership
  • Amber Tankersley, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Hazel Coltharp, Math
  • Paul Herring, Engineering Technology

Spring 2012

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology hosted a panel presentation on Wednesday, December 5, featuring faculty who deployed iPads to students in the spring of 2012.  The faculty presenting included:

  • Cris Elliott, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Dick Herling, Technology and Workforce Learning
  • James Oliver, Art
  • Brenda Roberts, Teaching and Leadership
  • Cynthia Woodburn, Mathematics

Fall 2011

This initial "pilot" group included three faculty:

  • Ann George, Teaching and Leadership
  • Irene Zegar, Chemistry
  • Chris Huitt, Graphics and Imaging

"Lessons Learned from the Use of i-Pad Technology to Meet Practicum Requirements"

Ann GeorgeThe purpose of this presentation is to describe a pilot project that implemented i-Pad technology to achieve practicum requirements. During the Fall 2011 semester, seven practicum students were assigned University i-Pads that they used to complete assignments, instruct students, video lessons and participate in instructional coaching sessions. As a result of this project, many lessons were learned and these experiences will be shared with attendees. A simulated instructional coaching session, using face-time technology, will also be demonstrated along with examples of i-Pad, i-Pod and i-Phone touch apps that can be used for differentiating instruction.

 iPads in the Chemistry Classroom

Irene Zegar iPad Pilot Project

 Chris Huitt - "Ipad Pilot Project: Connecting the Classroom"

Chris Huitt iPad Pilot ProjectReview of student experiences using the iPad in their university classes. 24 students were issued iPads for a semester and observed on how well they could use them in all of their classes. Discussion will be on the most beneficial apps and software for both viewing and creating content for the iPad. Survey results and overall observations discussed, along with future applications in the classroom.