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  • PSU faculty members lead several groups of students abroad every year
  • Often these programs are related to a course or a major field of study, but are open to all students
  • Many of the programs take place during vacation times such as summer or winter break
  • If you have not traveled overseas before, these programs are a great first experience. 


  • Faculty-led trips are usually the most affordable; most of these programs cost less than $4000.  
  • The advertised prices usually do not include tuition for the credits. These must be paid separately in the summer but are covered by the flat fee in the winter and spring. 
  • If you pay non-resident tuition, the cost for extra credits will be higher than for residents. 


Each program has at least 3 credit hours of PSU credit that are part of the program. The programs vary in length from 1 week to as long as 2 months. Most programs are between 2 and 4 weeks. The programs take place during winter, spring and summer vacation. The first step to apply is to contact the faculty leader.


Programs for the 2013-2014 Academic Year


Geography in the British Isles with Michele Barnaby (spring break)


Spanish in Spain with Dr. Grant Moss  (May 31 - June 28)

Business in China with Dr. Sang-Heui Lee  (May 11-24)

Delegation to Korea with Dr. Choong Lee (May 11-24)

Multiculturalism in Medicine in Peru with Dr. Mandy Peak (May 22 - June 2)

Multiculturalism in Medicine in Belize with Dr. Dan Zurek (May 10 - May 24)

Service Learning in Guatemala with Dr. Dan Ferguson and Dr. Brian Sandford (May 11-28)

Psychology in Germany and Austria with Dr. Chris Spera (August 1-10)


Honors College program to Eastern Europe

Education in Russia with Dr. Susan Knell  (May 11-24)

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