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Pitt State Parents, Welcome to Study Abroad!

Your student has made an exciting choice to participate in the Pittsburg State Study Abroad Program. This will set him/her apart from other U.S. university students.

Your student will work closely with members of the PSU staff and faculty to prepare for his or her time abroad. Please talk with your student about these preparations.

The idea of studying abroad may be new to you and your student. Hopefully, you can find answers to some of your questions by going through the webpages and links of this site. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Program Details

At Pittsburg State we have several options for Study Abroad. Ask your student about the program that he or she has decided to participate in.

First, there are PSU Faculty-led Group Study Abroad programs. These programs are short term programs led by members of PSU's faculty. If your student has decided to participate in one of these programs, you can contact the faculty leader to find out more about the program. Other questions can be directed to the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Second, PSU has sister schools all over the world. Being a PSU student allows your student to participate in our exchange agreements with these schools. Your student can spend a summer, semester, or year studying at a university overseas. He/she will continue to pay PSU tuition during the time he/she is abroad and continue to receive Financial Assistance. Your student will pay room and board at the host institution. For questions about these programs, contact the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Third, PSU has affiliation agreements with several top notch study abroad organizations. These organizations offer academic programs in English in countries like Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, and Australia, where PSU has no sister universities. Some of PSU's affiliate organizations are ISA, AIFS, Globalinks, and IFSA-Butler. Questions about programs run by affiliate organizations should be addressed to these organizations, which usually have customer service contact numbers on their websites. It is important to note that if your student is eligible for federal financial aid through PSU, PSU does allow that to be applied to affiliate programs, and also that every one of our affiliate organizations has their own private scholarships for which students can apply.

Finally, we allow students to look for programs that are not sponsored by PSU if none of our Study Abroad Programs fit their needs. Students may go with other universities' programs or with other study abroad organizations. For questions about the program, you can contact the Program Coordinator of the program your student has chosen. For other questions, you can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator at PSU.

Health and Safety

The administration at PSU is concerned about our students' health and safety abroad. Therefore, the university requires all students who are studying overseas to purchase international health insurance. If your student is covered under your insurance, you will need to talk with your insurance company about what coverage your student has abroad. To meet our requirement, the coverage must include at least $25,000 of Repatriation coverage and at least $75,000 of Medical Evacuation coverage. We do have international health insurance through HTH Worldwide available for purchase in the International Programs & Services Office. You can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for more information about this coverage.

It is always better to be well informed to understand the issues and risks that are specific to study abroad. The Center for Global Education has published online a comprehensive handbook about Study Abroad that includes a section for parents. One suggestion for parents is that they also acquire a U.S. passport that will be valid for the time their student is abroad in case of an emergency.

As part of your student's preparation to go abroad, he/she is recommended to visit a health professional for a Pre-departure travel consult. This consult can be done at the Student Health Center on campus. During the consult, your student will be advised on health issues specific to his/her destination including required and suggested immunizations and also be advised about how to stay healthy abroad.

The government provides several resources that are useful for traveling abroad. First, you can access important health and safety information for foreign countries by visiting the U.S. State Department's web site and from the Center for Disease Control.

Financing Study Abroad

When your student is deciding on the program that is right for him/her, talk with them about the financial obligations that come with Study Abroad. Be clear with your student about how you will support them financially and what he/she will be responsible to pay. Also encourage your student to visit with a Financial Aid counselor on campus to discuss loan options and the Study Abroad Coordinator to discuss scholarship options that are specific to Study Abroad.

The study abroad Funding page on this web site is a good place to start a search for funding a study abroad experience.

As you are calculating the costs for Study Abroad with your student, remember to include application fees, Visa expenses, insurance fees, airfare, travel expenses, tuition, room and board, and other expenses.

Helpful Study Abroad Links

Make sure to check out the Links page where you can get information about international calling cards, exchange rates, student travel sites, passport information, and much more. This should help you and your students have the resources you need to be well prepared for their study abroad experience.

Other Questions and Concerns

Many of your questions may be specific to the program that your student is traveling on or may not be covered here. The Study Abroad Coordinator is available to answer parent questions when possible. The Study Abroad Coordinator is available at 620-235-4221, and the study abroad office can be found in the International Programs & Services Office, Whitesitt 118.

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