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Contact Ashley Wadell to schedule a one-on-one Academic Success Coaching Session! Call 620-235-6578 or email

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Heather Eckstein

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Phone: 620-235-6578
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1701 South Broadway
113 Axe Library
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Student-Led Study Groups 

4 Reasons to Join or Create a Study Group

1. Active Learning
By participating in a study group, you get an opportunity to ask questions and engage in the material. 
2. Accountability 
When you make a commitment to study with a group of people, you are more likely to stick to your study plan. If others are counting on you to be there, you won't want to let them down! 
3. Performance Improves
With the right study group, your grades in a class can improve. Your understanding of the material can significantly increase, and you can perform better on exams. 
4. It's FUN!
tudy groups make learning fun. You get to meet new people, challenge each other's ideas, and it turns study time into a much more enjoyable experience. 

Study Groups are a powerful way to learn. Discussing ideas with other students leads to better understanding (not to mention better test scores). If you're interested in starting a study group, contact us for help! We can also provide a study location for students who have already formed a group. 

Email us at to get a group started! 

Student Success Center • 620-235-6578 • 113 Axe Library