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Recycling Center Contact Info.


1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Recycling efforts are regularly picked up by PSU Recycling Services and taken to the SEK Recycling Center in Pittsburg.

Below are locations where you can recycle:



What We Accept

Axe Library By the Axe Grind Bottles
Family and Consumer Sciences Room 208 Paper
Near soda machines at west door Bottles, Cans
Grubbs Hall West end of 4th floor Paper, Bottles, Cardboard
Hartman Hall End of hall at south entrance Paper, Bottles
Heckert-Wells Lobby between HW and YH Paper
Horace Mann Across from room 103 Paper, Bottles
By room 209 Paper, Bottles
Hughes Hall By room 110 Paper
KTC By room N115 Paper
By room S101 Paper, Bottles
By the KTC Cafe Paper, Bottles
1st floor/By Auto Vending Machines Bottles
By W105 Bottles
2nd floor/GIT Rotunda Bottles
2nd floor/Main Rotunda Bottles
2nd floor/Construction Rotunda Bottles
Kelce Across from room 102 Paper
By room 110 Paper, Bottles
KRPS Paper
Landscape Maintenance Office Bottles
McCray Hall 1st floor west wing Paper, Bottles
McPherson Outside on south side of building Paper, Bottles
Overman Student Center North loading dock Paper
Physical Plant By room 101B Paper, Bottles
Porter Hall By elevator on 1st floor Paper
Recreation Center By room 101 Paper, Bottles
Russ Hall Room 100A, vending lounge Aluminum, Paper, Bottles

Room 216, vending lounge Paper, Bottles
Shirk Hall Outside University Police lobby Paper, Bottles
Student Health Services Front office as you enter Health Center Paper, Bottles
Weede Building 2nd floor by coaches complex Paper, Bottles
Whitesitt Hall Outside Printing and Design Services Paper
Wilkinson Alumni Center By the back entrance Paper
Kitchen Bottles
Yates Hall Room 210 Paper, Bottles
Tyler Research Center Room 124 Paper, Bottles

What to Recycle

Aluminum Cans

All paper that is not soiled or plastic coated. Such as white paper, colored paper, unbound reports, index cards, computer paper, magazines, brochures and phone books.

Shredded paper
Please put in separate plastic bags.

Plastic bottles
Milk, water & soft drink bottles. Look for the numbers 1 or 2 on the bottom of bottle. Bottles must be emptied of contents and caps removed.

Should be broken down and placed next to the paper bins.