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Memorial Day Remarks

Dr. Steven A. Scott, President, Pittsburg State University

May 28, 2012


Thank you Dr. Aubuchon, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of this important and moving ceremony.  I am honored to be with you this morning, and I welcome each of you to this very special place and to the campus of Pittsburg State University.

Over the years, there were parts of the country and segments of the American society where patriotism fell into disfavor.  As discomforting as this thought is, we all know it to be true.  But that never happened here in Pittsburg nor did it happen on this campus.  This beautiful facility is a constant reminder not only of those who have served their country, but it is a testament to the relationship that Pittsburg State has maintained over time with this country, our military and most importantly with the soldiers who have served so valiantly and selflessly.

As we all know, for relationships to remain strong and enduring, it takes leaders who are willing to show us the way and to build a foundation on which others can stand.  Two such individuals are with us this morning…General Jim AuBuchon and Mr. Ken Brock.  Jim and Ken have done so much to make this memorial become a reality and no doubt a part of their legacy will be the events that occur here for years to come.  As many of you know, they are turning the reins over for this particular event to others, and so, it’s fitting today that we take a moment and thank them for their extraordinary leadership and immense contributions to future generations of patriots.  Gentlemen, thank you for your service and dedication to the Pittsburg State University Veterans Memorial Amphitheater.

Just a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to be in this amphitheater to witness the commissioning of 17 ROTC cadets.  Many of you here today were here as well.  The stands were filled with students, faculty, staff, veterans and community members … all proudly recognizing the achievement of these young officers, as we expressed our good wishes and excitement about their futures.

That commissioning ceremony also provides a vivid reminder of the support this university and community have historically had for those who serve.

As I’ve noted, this support has not faded over time; it is rooted in the values we hold dear and it remains an integral part of our character, and I will work to ensure that support continues.

It is why we are here today … to honor those who have served their country and to let the world know that we have not forgotten their sacrifice.   

Colin Powell once said, “In prosperity our friends know us. In adversity, we know our friends.”

It’s clear that our service men and women will always have a friend in Pittsburg State University.

Thank you.