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Goal 5: Obtain the resources necessary to support the University's strategic goals while maintaining sound fiscal management strategies that are clearly articulated to all constituents.

a. Develop a detailed fundraising plan and accountability structure that ties this activity to Goals 1 through 4 above.

b. Pursue additional state funding.

c. Continue to develop policies and procedure that enhance the efficient and effective use of institutional resources.

d. Continue to pursue a tuition strategy that reflects the institution's mission.

e. Increase the number of patents and patent income controlled by the university.

f. Establish and implement an integrated marketing strategy.

g. Establish and implement a campus communication strategy.

h. Establish energy and resource conservation practices that move the University towards more environmentally sound practices.

i. Foster a competitive Intercollegiate Athletics Program.

j. Enhance institutional sustainability efforts - become more environmentally friendly.

k. Enhance funding from external grants and contracts.