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President Steve Scott

History of Presidency at Pittsburg State

PSU has had 11 leaders, although only 9 presidents. Mr. Russ was the founder of what would become Pittsburg State University and held the title of principal during his 8-year tenure.


Dr. Steve R. Scott

Dr. Steve A. Scott (9th president) 2009-present

Dr. Scott officially took office as the ninth president of Pittsburg State University on July 1, 2009. His inauguration ceremony was held on October 23, 2009.

"I have such confidence in this university and these people. We're going to do what needs to get done."
-Steve A. Scott, interview, July 23, 2009.

Dr. Tom Bryant

Dr. Tom W. Bryant (8th president) 1999-2009

Dr. Bryant became the eighth president of Pittsburg State University on July 1, 1999. He was inaugurated on November 5, 1999.

"Whatever the economic, social, or political climate, the university has endeavored to put students first. It is who we are, and it is what we do best."
-Tom W. Bryant, inauguration address, November 5, 1999

Dr. John R. Darling

Dr. John R. Darling (7th president) 1996-1999

Dr. Darling took office as the seventh president of Pittsburg State University on January 1, 1996. His inauguration ceremony was held on March 7, 1996, as a part of the traditional Commemoration Day activities.

"My dream is that as we plan for the future we will serve well not only the people of this region, but also people from many different parts of our country and from other countries."
-John R. Darling, inauguration address, March 7, 1996

Dr. Don Wilson

Dr. Donald W. Wilson (6th president) 1983-1995

Dr. Wilson was appointed the sixth president of Pittsburg State University on December 1,1984.

"When students leave and become alumni, the finest testimony would be said that they say, 'PSU is a place in which minds have been challenged; in which the spirit has been lifted up; in which life has been made richer and fuller; in which men and women have learned to be complete human beings capable of commitment and purpose for a better community, state, nation, and world.'"
-Donald W. Wilson, inauguration address, March 1, 1984

Dr. James Appleberry

Dr. James B. Appleberry (5th president) 1977-1983

Dr. Appleberry was named the fifth president of Kansas State College on January 18, 1977. His inaugural theme was "A New World on Your Horizon." The ceremony was held on April 13, 1977.

"Education teaches us to appreciate the creativity in a book, a play, a work of art, a musical composition. It has enabled us to make major breakthroughs in the medicine and technology and to understand the forces and counter forces which shape our world. And it has taught us to know ourselves and our neighbors better and through a deeper understanding of our human heritage."
-James B. Appleberry, inauguration address, April 13, 1977.

Dr. George F. Budd

Dr. George F. Budd (4th president) 1965-1977

Dr. Budd began his appointment as the fourth president of the Kansas State College on September 1, 1965. His inauguration served as the College's sixty-second annual opening convocation on September 17, 1965.

"I submit that the development of the desire to know and the teaching of effective methods of independent study are the most valuable things we can give our students."
-George F. Budd, inauguration address, September 17, 1965

Dr. Leonard Axe

Dr. Leonard H. Axe (3rd president) 1957-1965

Dr. Axe was the third president of the Kansas State Teachers College. He was appointed to the position on July 1, 1957, and was inaugurated on September 13, 1957, at the fifty-fourth opening day convocation at the College.

"Those of us who have dedicated ourselves to the teaching profession are prepared to pay the price, both emotionally and physically, to see to it that the nation's youth are prepared, not for the world their parents faced, but the one they must face."
Leonard H. Axe, inaguration address, September 13, 1957

Dr. Rees Hughes

Dr. Rees H. Hughes (2nd president) 1941-1957

Dr. Hughes became the second president of the Kansas State Teachers College on July 1, 1941. He was formally inducted into office on September 12, 1941, during a brief ceremony that was part of the opening convocation of the fall semester.

"Students, I hope the years you spend here in college will light your way through life."
-Rees Hughes, convocation address, September 12, 1941

Dr. William Brandenburg

Dr. William A. Brandenburg (1st president) 1913-1940

Dr. Brandenburg was selected to be the first president of the State Manual Training Normal on July 15, 1913. His inauguration ceremony was held on March 27, 1914.

"There is but one thing greater in the world than being a teacher, that one thing is being a truly worthy teacher of teachers."
-William A. Brandenburg, inauguration address, March 27, 1914

Mr. George E. Myers (2nd principal)

Mr. Myers assumed his duties as second principal of the State Training Normal on September 1, 1911. The first inaugural ceremony in the history of the young institution was held on November 17, 1911, to offically install Myers.

"It is coming to be recognized that education for its own sake has no claims of the state, while education for social efficiency is the most important task the state has ever undertaken."
-George E. Myers, inauguration address, November 17, 1911.

Dr. Russell Russ

Mr. Russell S. Russ (1st principal) 1903-1911

Mr. Russ was hired to be the first administrator of the Kansas State Manual Training Normal School when it opened in September 1903 and he assumed his duties without an inauguration or induction ceremmony. The School was established as an auxiliary of the State Normal School in Emporia. Russ was given the title of Principal, a title that remained until the School was officially separated from Emporia in 1913.

"It is the aim of the Pittsburg School to fit teachers with a complete course which will enable them to take positions anywhere in the school, and to teach not only the common courses, but also to teach manual training or domestic science."
-Russell S. Russ, interview, October 24, 1903.