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Administrative Committees through the Office of the President are listed.  Please contact the Chair if you have questions or suggestions for the committee.

Advisory Council for The Bachelor of General Studies Degree Program

Craig Fuchs- Ext. 4176

This Council is charged with the responsibility of monitoring, evaluating and recommending policy concerning the Bachelor of General Studies program to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Affirmative Action Committee

Cindy Johnson- Ext. 4189

This Committee is charged with the responsibility of being an advisory body to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

Assessment Committee

Maeve Cummings- Ext. 4543

The Assessment Committee will provide ongoing data, information and recommendations on all aspects of student learning.  The committee will primarily focus on assessment of student learning within the framework of the six general education goals, student learning within the major and the assessment of the learning environment.  However, the committee will also assess student engagement with the institution and student satisfaction with the university as it relates to student learning.

    Athletic Council

    Cole Shewmake, Chair
    This Council is an advisory group to the President concerning Intercollegiate Athletics.

    Athletic Fee Council

    Steve Erwin, Co-Chair- Ext. 4246

    SGA President, Co-Chair- Ext. 4810

    This Council is charged to review proposed athletic student fees and make recommendations to Student Government Association and the President of Pittsburg State University.

    Commencement Committee

    Howard Smith- Ext. 4006

    This committee, upon consultation with appropriate university constituents, shall:

    1. Make recommendations to the President and President's Council to provide the best possible commencement experience for graduates and their guests, and
    2. Prepare for, organize and manage commencement ceremonies.

    Committee for the Protection of Human Research Subjects

    Pawan Kahol- Ext. 4222

    This Committee was established to review ongoing and proposed research programs in order to comply with policies established by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (Title 45, CFR, Part 46) and Pittsburg State University for the protection and safety of human subjects used in biomedical and behavioral research.

    Council for Discovery and Research

    Pawan Kahol- Ext. 4222

    This Council is charged with the responsibility to:

    1. Foster an environment that encourages the production of high quality research across all disciplines
    2. Promote and support the publication and presentation of scholarly work
    3. Enhance the receipt of external funding to support research and scholarly activities
    4. Promote the integration of research in teaching and learning
    5. Increase the visibility and recognition of our scholarly activities
    6. Foster communication with departments about discovery and research 

    Facilities Master Planning Committee

    Paul Stewart- Ext. 4130

    The Facilities Master Planning Committee meets monthly to establish and monitor the institution's strategic facilities master plan, oversee and review construction progress on new facilities and prioritize and monitor renovation projects.

    Information Technology Council

    Angela Neria- Ext. 4614

    The Information Technology Council seeks to create an environment that aggressively employs the application of emerging and proven technologies in support of all aspects of the university's activities and initiatives.  The Information Technology Council plays a critical role in creating this environment.  To do so, the ITC provides a mechanism for campus-wide input on the use of information technology resources.  The council develops and recommends to the President's Council appropriate policies, standards, and procedures that facilitate the effective and efficient use of these critical resources.  In addition, the council will develop an IT plan and oversee its implementation, ensuring the plan is in alignment with the university's strategic plan.

    Institutional Effectiveness Committee

    Randy Roberts- Ext. 4883

    The Institutional Effectiveness Committee will provide ongoing planning data and information that relates to (1) the assessment of academic departments and the learning environment, (2) the assessment of administrative units (academic support units and institutional support units) and their role in supporting the academic mission of the University (almost all of the administrative units conduct annual planning activities), and (3) the strategic direction of all units on campus.
    This committee will provide that coordination and will also provide the process for grassroots planning coupled with institutional assessment that has served Pittsburg State University since 1984.  Most of these activities are already in place and functioning.

    Integrated Marketing Council

    Chris Kelly- Ext. 6177

    This Council, representing the entire campus, is charged with examining current marketing trends, establishing identity standards to build consistent image and brand awareness, and developing strategies to promote the desired image for PSU. The Council will help position this university in both the short-term and long-term with integrated marketing communication strategies to enhance the image and visibility of PSU.

    Internationalization Council

    This Council was established to serve as a central coordinating body to oversee all campus initiatives relative to internationalization.

    Joint University Student Publications Board

    Mary Carol Pomatto- Ext. 4683

    This Board charge shall be:

    1. To advise the publisher (the President of the University) and advisors on any matters involving either operating procedures or journalistic standards in the daily operation of the student publications;
    2. To approve major policy decisions relative to operating procedures and journalistic standards in the day-to-day operation of each publication, as well as other matters such as, but not limited to, changes in format and frequency of issues;
    3. To hear charges concerning violation of operational procedures, journalistic standards and/or journalistic freedom as they relate to the daily operation of student publications
    4. To approve the annual budget request recommended by each advisor and editor based on sources of funding and expenditures as noted on standard budget request forms used by the University;
    5. To make appointments to the Editor-in-Chief positions for each publication from among applicants recommended by the advisor;
    6. To remove editors or staff personnel in due process hearings.

    Parking Committee

    Steve Erwin- Ext. 4246

    This Committee is charged with the responsibility of recommending policies concerning vehicle registration, parking/traffic regulations and regulations governing the use of roads, streets and driveways over which the University has jurisdiction to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

    Parking Violations Appeals Board

    Trish Peak- Ext. 4113

    This Board is charged with the responsibility of hearing appeals from persons who have received parking citations issued by University Police and Parking Services.

    Protected Health Information Committee

    Jamie Brooksher- Ext. 4136

    This Committee is charged with responsibility to make recommendations to the President regarding university compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

    Residence Committee

    Howard Smith- Ext. 4006

    As stated in the Kansas State Board of Regents Policy Manual, this Committee is charged with the responsibility of hearing and determining appeals concerning the status of students as residents/non-residents of Kansas for fee purposes.

    Safety Committee

    Jeff Stotts- Ext 4774

    According to Kansas Statutes Annotated 44-636, Pittsburg State University set up a safety program. This Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the safety policy and recommending necessary changes to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

    Student Judicial Board

    Jason Kegler- Ext. 4945
    Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

    Jeff Steinmiller- Ext. 4906
    Student Judicial Board Chairperson

    This Board was formed to function at the request of the Vice President for Student Life or at the request of any student who is or has been the subject of disciplinary action by the University.  The Board is charged with the responsibility of evaluating and adjudicating the factors involved in each case and making recommendations to the Vice President for Student Life for action.  The Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities will be responsible for presenting the case to the Student Judicial Board of alleged violations of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

    Sustainability Committee

    Brian Peery, Co-Chair

    Jon Bartlow, Co-Chair

    The University Sustainability Committee will develop and facilitate the implementation of the institution’s sustainability plan.  The sustainability plan will be designed to address the PSU Strategic Plan Goal: Institutionalize environmental sustainability into all university activities including operations, teaching, learning, discovery and engagement.

    Threat Management and Behavioral Intervention Team - Workplace and Campus Violence Committee

    Steve Erwin- Ext. 4246

    This Committee is charged with the responsibility to review situations of threat, potential violence, or incidents of actual violence on the campus and/or in the workplace.

    University Critical Incident and Crisis Response Advisory, Planning, Evaluation and Support Team

    Steve Erwin - Ext. 4246

    This Committee charge will be to:

    1. Make recommendations to the Executive Policy Group (Chaired by the President) for philosophic and policy based crisis response planning, management, and evaluation;
    2. Recommend a unified crisis response plan involving internal and external resources;
    3. Consider operational issues such as communication, training and development, maintenance of ongoing preparedness, aftermath management, and data management/ record keeping; and
    4. Integrate existing policy into recommendations.

    University Diversity Council

    Deatrea Rose- Ext. 6556

    This Council will provide leadership and coordination in promoting diversity at Pittsburg State University.  Specifically, the Council will:

    1. Provide advice and counsel to the President and President's Council on matters of diversity. 
    2. Make policy recommendations to the President, Provost and Vice Presidents. 
    3. Provide insights to campus academic and administrative units on strategic planning and related to diversity. 
    4. Provide leadership in developing, coordinating and promoting professional development programs for faculty and staff related to issues of diversity. 
    5. Advocate for resources to support campus diversity initiatives.

    University Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee

    Tammy Higgins- Ext. 4238

    This Committee is the combination of the University Scholarship Committee and the Student Financial Affairs Committee. It is charged with the responsibility of assuring that University financial aid monies are awarded in the most effective manner to the greatest number of qualified applicants to carry out the goals and purposes of the University.

    University Scholarship Policy Committee

    Kathleen Flannery, Co-Chair - Ext. 4757

    Howard Smith, Co-Chair - Ext. 4006

    This Committee, upon consultation with appropriate university constituents, shall:

    1. Review policy and procedure issues and make recommendations to the President's Council for the general administration of scholarships at Pittsburg State University; and
    2. Address questions/concerns pertaining to the awarding/distribution process of scholarships at Pittsburg State University

    Women's Studies Council

    Browyn Conrad- Ext. 4333

    This Council is charged with the responsibility of:

    1. planning the interdisciplinary program and coordinating its implementation;
    2. stimulating faculty interest and participation in women's studies;
    3. evaluating departmental course offerings for inclusion in the program;
    4. working with Continuing and Graduate Studies and other appropriate groups to promote interest in women's studies in the University's service area;
    5. recruiting faculty to participate in the program; and
    6. validating the credentials of candidates for the Women's Studies Certificate.