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Transcript Evaluation for Transfer Students

The Office of the Registrar evaluates all credits for general acceptance to Pittsburg State University; however, each academic department makes the final determination of credits accepted toward a specific degree. 

Official transcripts and course descriptions (in English) can be sent to Assistant Registrar for Transcript Analysis, Barbara Van Becelaere, for a Transcript Evaluation.

It is important that you contact your academic advisor or dean to assist you with determining what credits will be accepted toward your specific degree.

You can challenge the evaluation of individual credits by contacting the Assistant Registrar for Transcript Analysis, Barbara Van Becelaere, at 620-235-4253 or You may have to provide a course catalog, course syllabus and assignments, and other relevant documentation to challenge an evaluation.

Please refer to these links for important information about Transcript Evaluation:

For more information about transfer credit and transcript evaluations, please contact Barbara Van Becelaere, at 620-235-4253 or

International Baccalaureate Credit

It may be possible for students who complete IB coursework to receive college credit. Please refer to this chart that shows IB courses verses college credits:

International Baccalaureate Credit Award Guide

For more information about IB credits, please contact Barbara Van Becelaere, at 620-235-4253 or