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The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) measures how students spend their time and effort in academic and co-curricular activities for their learning and development. There are five benchmarks of student engagement:

  1. Level of Academic Challenge (LAC) of intellectual and creative student work;
  2. Active & Collaborative Learning (ACL) inside and outside of the classroom;
  3. Student-Faculty Interaction (SFI) inside and outside of the classroom;
  4. Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE) in multicultural programs, senior capstone courses, internships, etc.;
  5. Supportive Campus Environment (SCE) for student learning and development.

For the NSSE, PSU has chosen three comparison groups of institutions. The membership of each group varies annually, related to each institution’s assessment cycle for NSSE. For 2012, the three comparison groups were (a) the Writing Consortium of 19 institutions, (b) the MIAA + group, comprised of MIAA institutions and PSU-chosen universities to reach the minimum group size for NSSE, and (c) the Carnegie group, consisting of 11 public institutions across four geographic regions, the Plains, Southwest, Rocky Mountains, and Great Lakes.

For more information regarding NSSE, visit their website.