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Telecommunications Policies

Telecommunications and Network Services are both operated for the campus by ITS.  PSU communications are carried over both copper and fiber. The Nortel phone switch serves approximately 2100 phones and voicemail boxes for the campus and residence halls. Emergency phones are located across campus and are in all elevators for safety purposes. In emergency situations, individuals should dial 911 as we are an official Public Safety Answering Position. These calls are received by the University Police and will provide the quickest response.

1. General Policies
        Personal Use of Telephone
        Contracting Services
        Use of University Telephone Numbers

2. Service Requests
        Equipment and Service Requests
        Moves, Adds and Changes to Telephone Service
        Installation of New Cabling        

3. Telecom and Billing Details
        Payment of Telecom Services
        Access to Telephone Records

4. Telephone Service Provided
        Collect or Operator-Assisted Calls
        Conference Calls
        Physical Limitations

5. Other Telecom Services
        Cellular Phones

1. General Policies

  • Contracting Services

Contracting services offered from vendors other than the Information Technology Services may result in charges being applied to the responsible department. A list of possible services includes, but is not limited to - long distance calling plans, voice mail services, email services, personal 800 numbers, or calling cards. ITS is the registered owner of all the telephone numbers and will incur fee charges. If this happens, ITS could levy a $30.00 charge to the responsible department, in addition to any additional charges for the services. To avoid this fee, hassle, and unpleasantness simply say NO when asked to sign up for any service. These services may be offered through multiple media types, such as: online, mailings, soliciting calls. The rule should be that if a phone number is requested for billing, the PSU extension may not be used. The state dictates that all funded agencies must use the state's network for telecommunications purposes. This allows keeping costs down when negotiating fees.

  • Use of University Telephone Numbers

The telephone numbers at Pittsburg State University are owned by Pittsburg State University's Telecommunications Department, a State of Kansas subdivision. Users are neither the registered owner, nor agents for the owner of any phone numbers here at PSU. Therefore neither rights nor privileges are granted to the user to sign up for any services including calling plans, voice mail services, toll free numbers, etc. which bill directly to the telephone number.

2. Service Requests

  • Equipment and Service Requests

Departments are responsible for determining the type of telephone equipment and service an employee needs to fulfill job requirements. Types of service include: single-line phone, multiple-line phone, cellular phone,  long distance service, etc.  All costs related to such services are the responsibility of the department including installation, modifications and on-going fees related to the use of the equipment or services.

The following are services provided by telecommunications:

  • New telephone installation and service
  • Telephone service moves
  • Restrictions or changes to telephone service (no long distance service, etc)
  • Voice mail
  • Caller ID and display names
  • Cellular phone service
  • Estimates involving remodeling, renovation or new construction

Requests should be directed to the ITS Service Center at

  • Moves, Adds and Changes to Telephone Service

All requests for moving, adding or changing telephone service should be submitted by an authorized departmental contact.  If a charge will be incurred by the request, the request should include a valid fund and unit for billing purposes.  All requests will be processed in a timely manner determined by current work load and detail of request.  Requests should be directed to the ITS Service Center at  With the exception of residential students, telephones used on the campus system must be obtained from Information Technology Services.

The normal process once service to an extension is terminated is that the extension number will go back into the 'pool' of extension numbers to be reassigned for new phone service. In some cases a request may be made to terminate service on an extension and forward all calls to an alternate number within the department.   If the request is warranted forwarding service will be put in place for no longer than two months at no charge to the client.

  • Installation of New Cabling

ITS is responsible for all communications and cabling for the campus premise.

When new cabling is installed in a new structure or existing building, ITS will:

  • Exercise management control of all inside and outside communications cables, ducts, frames and distribution closets.
  • Review building drawings, size cables, select cable routes and provide engineering specifications for the inside and outside plant.
  • Engineer and install outside cable plant from the closest service point to the building distribution frame.
  • Install or arrange installation of telephone riser and station cabling.
  • Administer and reuse or removal of old outside or inside cable plant.

Fees for the above services vary due to the scope of the project.  Please see the ITS Premise Distribution Document or contact the ITS Service Center at for more information.

3. Telecom and Billing Details

  • Payment of Telecom Services

The Office of Information Services will provide a monthly statement to each department for dial tone charges, equipment, long distance calls, current work order charges, and any other appropriate telecommunications charges.  The charges will be to the fund and unit the department has predetermined and pre-authorized.  All charges will be detailed by the extension number which incurred the charge.

If a department desires a change to the fund and unit being billed to any telephone service the information must be approved by the authorized signer of the account and provided in advance to the ITS Service Manager at

  • Access to Telephone Records

To assure individuals' right to privacy, ITS protects telephone call records from routine disclosure except when needed by:

  • Departments to review monthly bills and charges for validity

  • Appropriate PSU personnel for audit of record keeping procedures or for investigative purposes

  • Any local, state or federal investigative agency for investigative purposes under compliance with any and all federal and state regulations.

Requests for telephone records should be directed to the Telecom Systems Manager at

4. Telephone Service Provided

  • Collect or Operator-Assisted Calls

Due to the high costs and fees, Pittsburg State University discourages the use of collect or operator-assisted calls.  These calls should only be used in select instances, where deemed appropriate and necessary.  ITS is the registered owner of all the telephone numbers and will receive billing for any such services. When billed, ITS will levy the call charges back to the listed department associated with the extension number, in addition to a $2.00 administrative fee per call. To avoid this fee, hassle and unpleasantness you are encouraged to simply say NO when asked if you will accept the charges.

  • Conference Calls

Special equipment is available for use when making conference calls.  This equipment may be installed in a permanent location or is available for temporary check-out in select locations.  Contact the Information Services Manager at for details.  Arrangements should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the call.

  • Physical Limitations

Any faculty or staff member requiring specialized equipment or consideration should contact ITS. Students with any special needs should contact the Equal Opportunity office at or x4185 (off campus calls should be directed to 620-235-4185).

  • Voice Mail

Voice Mail is available at no charge to any telephone.  This service allows callers to leave recorded messages, which can be checked by the employee from on or off campus.  The number to call to access voice mail is 235-6100.

The voice mail box on a telephone is considered to be confidential information.   When a phone is being reassigned to a new person the existing voice mail box should be deleted and a new one set up. New voice mail boxes are set up with a default password which must be changed by the user.  For assistance contact the ITS Service Center at

5. Other Telecom Services

  • Cellular Phones

Cell phones are available for temporary or permanent checkout from the Office of Information Services.  Several cell phone calling plans are available from ITS to suit the diverse needs of our clients.  Contact the ITS Information Service Manager at for details or visit

It is important to keep in mind that, similar to office phones, cell phones are provided to conduct university business.  The employee's department will be billed for any additional charges incurred when the phone is checked out.  The employee's department is responsible for taking corrective action in the event an employee abuses the personal phone call policy.  If a personal call is inadvertently charged to the university, the caller is required to reimburse the University for the cost of the call.

To check out a cell phone, a Cellular Phone Request Form should be completed and returned to the Information Services Manager with at least 24 hours advance notice.  The time period the phone will be needed, the calling area requested, a PSU fund and unit and authorized signature must be included on the form.

Rates are determined from the time the cell phone is picked up until it is returned to ITS.  Any roaming, long distance or other charges incurred during the check-out time will be passed on to the user.  Billing transactions will occur on the monthly telephone billing processed by ITS.