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Ethics for Computer Use

  • Statement of User Responsibility:
    1. An authorized user must be currently enrolled in or employed by Pittsburg State University.
    2. PSU Computing Resources may be used in manners consistent with the appropriate usage definition given in Section II. An authorized user may utilize computer accounts created for general academic use or accounts which have been created specifically for him/her and to which he/she has been assigned ownership rights by the PSU Office of Information Services.
    3. System users are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their account passwords. Suspected compromise of account passwords or unauthorized usage of user accounts should be reported to the supervisor of the appropriate laboratory or the director of the Information Technology Services.
  • Valid Uses of Computer Resources and Examples of Misuse:
    1. Valid uses of computer resources include instructional or course activities and requirements, faculty research and professional services, and administrative support.
    2. Unauthorized copying, sending, or receiving of copyrighted files is strictly prohibited.
    3. It is a violation of Pittsburg State University policy to use the computer for promoting outside business interests. Computing resources shall not be used for private consulting or personal gain.
    4. It is in violation of Pittsburg State University policy to send unsolicited, annoying, or obscene messages or mail.
    5. It is inappropriate to examine, or attempt to examine, another computer user's files or mail without permission.
    6. Game playing on Pittsburg State University owned equipment is on a resource available basis. If another user needs resources for a valid use (see II A above) then the user playing a game must end the game and surrender said resources. This includes MUD's, MUCK's, Personal Computer games, etc.
    7. Fraudulent use of computer accounts, networks, mail services, or other resources is a serious violation. Kansas State Law (Section 21-3755) makes unauthorized access and interference with computer systems, computer data, and other computer users illegal.
  • Possible Sanctions for Misuse:
    1. The Information Technology Services monitors the use of the computer system and will contact anyone discovered to be hindering normal operations. It is not appropriate to use any computer resources in ways that are detrimental to the normal operation of any computer system or its users.
    2. Upon detection of an alleged violation, the Information Technology Services will disable the account and turn all pertinent information over to the appropriate university, local, state, or federal authorities.