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Gus Events and ITS/Geeks Guidelines

The New Gus Event System is here.  The old Event System will no longer allow creation of new events.  To purchase a license or to obtain information contact Denise Quier Ext. 4762.  For questions about the Gus Event System and how it works contact Becky Qualls Ext. 4616 or Tracy Holzem Ext. 6166. Below are guidelines concerning the Gus Event System.

University Advancement has purchased ABC Signup for managing PSU events.  ABC Signup is a registration management system that will replace our current home-grown event system.  

Named User Licenses are available for purchase by any PSU department, which will allow the user to create and manage their department's events.  For those who do not purchase a Named User License, ITS will provide limited event setup. 

What a Named User License will provide

Functionality with a Named User License includes the following features:

  • Reporting at user's convenience
  • Creation of name tags, certificates, and letters
  • Mobile access
  • Payment information
  • Event daily registration totals dashboard
  • Control of event setup and previews
  • Much more

What Gorilla Geeks will do for you

If you are unable to purchase the Named User License at this time, please see the current guidelines below for limited use of ABC Signup:

  • Two events for each department in a 12 month period are permitted
  • Only standard event setup will be provided:
    • Only one paid item/registration per event.  For example, the event could have a registration fee OR t-shirt OR dinner – but no combination of these items.
    • Due to the way the system is structured, a limited number of questions can be asked.  We prefer the number of questions be limited to three..  For example, What year did you graduate?  Do you want to buy a _____?, What day would you like to attend?
  • Request for the event must be received 3 weeks prior to the registration start date
  • Only 2 rounds of event approval by event requester will be allowed
  • Event registration form has to be approved 1 week prior to registration start date
  • Standard weekly reports will be ran until the event start date
  • Standard reports will be ran after the each event is completed
  • If specialized reports are needed, (example 3 days of daily registrant reports) ITS must be notified at time of event request 
  • Reports will be available through a SharePoint site
  • Contact for event setup: Becky Qualls or Tracy Holzem, ext. 4600

If your department has more than two events per year a Named User License will need to be purchased.  Please contact Denise Quier at ext. 4762 for more information on purchasing a Named User License.