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Human Resource Services
GUS HR Implementation Project

About this page

The journey to go live will be long, and there is a lot to learn along the way. We need the campus to be involved, and we will use this page as the repository for information and documents for the Oracle Cloud solution -- Human Capital Management (HCM) -- that will replace the PSU HR and payroll system. Keep in mind, though, that decisions we make now may change as we learn more about Oracle Cloud, and we have to be flexible. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the project. We are excited and hope you are too!

Michele Sexton

New Documents and Information Added

  • Reporting Holidays (other than Veteran’s Day) - Information for Hourly Paid Employees with Benefits
  • Reporting Leave Taken - Information for Salaried Employees with Benefits
  • Work Schedules & Reporting Time Worked and Leave Taken - Information for Hourly Paid Employees with Benefits
  • Vacation Leave Accrual Change
  • Electronic Appointment Process (EAP) and Funding Changes
  • Payroll Costing (Funding) - Post GUS HR Go-Live 
  • GUS HR Fact Sheet for New Employees
  • GUS HR Video and Job Aid Worksheet
  • HRS Action Deadlines
  • GUS HR Position Inventory Report
  • Appointment Dates & Temporary Employee Reappointments