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Institutional Review Board

The aim of the Institutional Review Board is to ensure that in the course of conducting research, the rights of the participants involved are not violated. Those who are conducting research that will involve human subject participants will need to talk with his/her department review board to see if a IRB review is needed. If yes, contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies to fill out an application for a committee review of research using human subjects as participants.

It is recommended that all faculty and students proposing research involving human subjects apply for approval by the IRB 90 days prior to starting research, particularly if research will involve protected groups such as minors or international research.

The IRB meets during the fall and spring semesters the second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 PM in room 109 Russ Hall to review applications for full review. Applications for full review need to be turned in ten days prior to IRB meetings to be considered for review. The IRB does not meet June through August, December or January.

Please contact Brian Peery in the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 112 Russ Hall, (620) 235-4175, with any questions.

2017-2018 Membership

Paul McCallum English & Modern Landuages 620-235-4452
Chris Fogliasso Management & Marketing 620-235-6010
Eric Harris Management & Marketing 620-235-4575
Gena Coomes Nursing 620-235-4440
Kathleen Sandness Medical 620-235-4452
Derek Crawford Education 620-235-4672
David Miller College of Technology 620-235-6115
Eli Aba College of Technology 620-235-4639
Bruce Warner Psychology & Counseling 620-235-4980
Brian Peery Graduate and Continuing Studies 620-235-4175
Pawan K. Kahol Graduate and Continuing Studies 620-235-4222