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students photoPSU Research and Grants Administration seeks to enhance discovery and research at Pittsburg State University by assisting faculty, staff and students in developing research activities, searching for external funding opportunities and assisting with the development and submission of funding proposals.

PSU Research and Grants Administration also provides research integrity administration including the protection of human research subjects approval process and the investigation of research integrity violations.

Pre-Award Services

Research and Grants Administration assists faculty, staff and students in their search for funding, proposal development, budget preparation and grant submission.

Faculty Research Incentives

Pittsburg State University is committed to research and creative activities.  These activities enhance the learning environment for the students and help to distinguish the University as a center of excellence in its disciplines. Graduate and Continuing Studies is offering a variety of programs to encourage faculty to engage in research and creative activities.

Protection of Human Research Subjects

Research and Grants Administration assists researchers in obtaining approval from the PSU Institutional Review Board for research proposals involving human research subjects.

Undergraduate Research Coordination

Research and Grants Administration assists departments, faculty and staff in developing undergraduate research opportunities for students.

Grant Program Evaluation

Research and Grants Administration provides internal and third party evaluation services as a fee for service and provides assistance in writing evaluation plans and identifying independent evaluators for grant proposals.

Research Integrity Administration

Research and Grants Administration investigates reports of research integrity violations and completes governmental reporting requirements.

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KPRC awarded allocation to pursue ground-breaking algae research

The Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University has been awarded its largest-ever federal allocation to become one of the first research groups to develop materials from oil produced by algae.

In March, the USDA said yes to a proposal by the KPRC to use a $2 million allocation to pursue the cutting-edge research, which would simplify the conversion process of using natural oils to create polymers. Those polymers ultimately lead to environmentally friendly end products such as floor tiles or foam seats for chairs. These conversion methods will also be applied to oils from algae. The allocation was included in last fall's Federal Omnibus Spending Bill, and is disbursed by the USDA.

Over the past five years, the center has received national attention for its work converting bio-based materials such as vegetable and soybean oil into products that are produced and distributed by industry partners. With this new allocation, which will be distributed to the KPRC over a three-year period beginning this September, scientists will become pioneers in exploring this sustainable form of research using an important natural resource.

"This research would take our work from a multi-step to a single-step conversion process, which would save time, money, energy, and waste," said Dr. Andrew Myers, director of the KPRC. While the KPRC doesn't grow algae or produce the oils, Myers said it is working with its partners to support algae oil production and provide samples.

"Depending on what you feed it, algae produce things like oils that we believe we can turn into polymers," he said. "The field of renewable materials is both popular and relevant to the green chemistry movement that is receiving a lot of attention today. Algae research is an area that has a lot of potential."

Steve Robb, KPRC executive director emeritus, said USDA leaders have expressed an unrivaled confidence in the research taking place at the center, and have encouraged the scientists to explore the unlimited potential in this field.

"This is definitely cutting-edge, and it keeps the KPRC on the forefront of research in that field," Robb said. "These kinds of research grants are few and far between. In most cases, the money goes out and it is the government telling schools what to do with it. But in this case, they're encouraging us to explore and they're as excited as we are."

Pictured above: Dr. Andrew Myers, director of the Kansas Polymer Research Center, examines a sample of algae. The KPRC has been awarded a $2 million federal allocation to pursue research using algae oil.