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Approved Graduate Teaching Faculty

Name Department Date
Anderson, Christopher ENGLISH 04/08/09
Carlson, Susan ENGLISH 11/01/91
DeGrave, Kathleen ENGLISH 06/01/89
Franklin, John ENGLISH 05/10/00
Franklin, Lizanne ENGLISH 07/2011
Greene, James ENGLISH 09/2014
Hermansson, Casie ENGLISH 05/13/98
Judd, Donald ENGLISH 10/13/04
Martin, Lori ENGLISH 07/2011
McCallum, Paul ENGLISH 05/13/98
McDaniel, Jamie ENGLISH 07/2011
Meats, Stephen ENGLISH 07/01/79
Morgan, Lyle ENGLISH 09/01/84
Morris, Paul J. ENGLISH 08/25/99
Nichols, Kathleen ENGLISH 11/01/78
O'Hearn, Carolyn ENGLISH 06/01/89
Patterson, Celia ENGLISH 09/24/94
Rudd, Philip ENGLISH 04/08/09
Teller, Stephen ENGLISH 04/08/09
Washburn, Laura ENGLISH 10/18/00
Zepernick, Janet ENGLISH 04/08/09

Approved Graduate Service Faculty

Name Department Term Date Approved Course Approved to Teach
McCune, Morgan ENGLISH 13/SP 12/05/2012 ENGL 890: Research and Thesis

Graduate Service Historical Listing