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Graduate and Continuing Studies
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Who to contact in the Graduate and Continuing Studies Office:

Domestic and International Applications
    Janet Miller, Senior Administrative Specialist 
jsmiller@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4180

General Questions
Latisha Potter, Administrative Specialist
lpotter@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4223

Enrollment, Travel and Professional Development
Barbara McCarley, Senior Administrative Specialist
bmccarley@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4224

Human Subjects Committee, Research and Grants and Research Colloquium
Brian Peery, Grants Coordinator
bpeery@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4175

Candidacy, Graduate Assistantships, Thesis and Graduation
Lisa Allen, Assistant Director
lallen@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4218

Off-Campus Programs, Marketing, Graduate Banquet and GSAC
B.B. Stotts, Director
bstotts@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4181

Academic Standing and Grievances
Dr. Pawan Kahol, Dean
pkahol@pittstate.edu or 620-235-4222


Graduate and Continuing Studies
E-mail: cgs@pittstate.edu 
Office Location: 112 Russ Hall
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762