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Career Fair Attire at Pittsburg State

  • A suit is always suggested.  See below for suggestions on looking your best!
  • The MINIMUM career fair attire for anyone attending is slacks and a nice shirt.  Any questions or comments can be directed to the Office of Career Services at 620-235-4140.

    Men's Suits

    • Men should wear a well tailored suit.
    • Colors should be traditional.  Navy blue, charcoal gray, or black are appropriate, in solid or subtle striped patterns.
    • The shirt needs to be long-sleeve and button down, preferably in a solid color such as white or light blue.
    • Choose a suit fabric. High-quality worsted wool is the most seasonally versatile.  Avoid blends that are made with too much polyester, as they do not breathe well and may look cheap.
    • Test the jacket for fit. Make sure the collar lies flat against the back of your neck and shows a 1/4-inch rim of shirt collar. Shoulders should be lightly padded and neither too boxy nor too sloped. Sleeves should reveal 1/4 to 1/2 inch of shirt cuff and fall 5 inches above the tip of your thumb.
    • Button the jacket and sit down to verify that it is comfortable and does not bunch up.
    • Make sure the pants sit at the waist.  Check that your socks do not show when you walk.

    Women's Suits

    • No matter what your age, your business attire should be as professional as possible.
    • Avoid clothes that are the latest fad and choose a more conservative look.
    • Women should wear a two-piece matched suit in power colors such as charcoal gray or black.
    • Skirts should cover your thighs when you are seated, with no high slits.
    • Panty hose are a necessity when wearing a skirt.
    • Pants should be tailored.
    • Shirts and sweaters should be tailored and the color should either be a solid color or small print that coordinates with your suit.
    • Dress to suit your personality while keeping professional standards in mind.  When you feel comfortable with your appearance you will feel more at ease and tending to dress.


    Men's Accessories

    • The tie can be a solid subtle color or have a small print or stripes, however, its overall appearance should be conservative.
    • Socks need to be a dark solid or a small pattern.
    • Shoes need to be a leather wing tip or loafer style. They should be clean and polished. Belt should match shoes.
    • Facial hair needs to be well groomed.
    • Jewelry should consist of only a conservative watch and one ring maximum on each hand...NO PIERCINGS.
    • Details: Everything should be cleaned and well pressed. When interviewing, it is in your best interest to cover visible tattoos if possible.

    Women's Accessories

    • Jewelry should be simple and conservative.  No “clunky” bracelets.  You should have one earring maximum in each ear, as well as one ring on each hand.
    • A little make-up goes a long way. Keep it attractive, yet minimal.
    • Shoes should be dress pumps, professional yet comfortable.  Buckles and details should be minimal.
    • Panty hose, if any, should be plain with no pattern and compliment your suit.
    • Your purse or bag should coordinate with your shoes.  Make sure it does not have a large, flashy print. The smaller the bag, the better.