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Please contact Kelsey Lueck - Student Coordinator or J.T. Knoll at 620-235-4062 or by email at for more information. Or stop by our temporary office - 209 2nd floor Hartman.

Some of these groups sometimes periodically change their dates, times, and locations. It is recommended to call to verify the information in case of changes. Update 5/2004

Alcoholics Anonymous
10th & Fairview, Pittsburg

7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
8:00 PM closed, except open
on birthdays, last Monday
of the month
7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
6:30 PM Men’s Mtg. closed
7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
8:00 PM closed
7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
8:00 PM closed
7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
8:00 PM Newcomer’s Mtg.
7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
8:00 PM open, Speaker’s Mtg.
7:00 AM open
12:15 PM open
8:00 PM open


The Believers AA Group
Episcopal Curch
300 Block West 3rd Street
Thursday 8:00 p.m.
For information call 620-249-6800.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Girard Presbyterian Church, S. Summit
Tue-Thu-Fri 8:00 PM

Narcotics Anonymous
  Against All Odds
514 N. Broadway, Pittsburg

7:00 PM closed book study
6:30 Open
9:30 PM open chair / open discussion
6:30 PM open

Birthdays - last Sunday of the month
Group Conscience Mtg. – 2nd Sunday of the month
after the regular meeting

10th & Fairview, Pittsburg
Tuesday 8:00 PM

CODA (Co-Dependents Anonymous)

Mt. Carmel Medical Center, Sheraton Rm.
1102 E. Centennial, Pittsburg
Sunday 8:00 PM
Newman Center, PSU
301-A E. Cleveland, Pittsburg
Monday 12:00 PM

ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics)
South Broadway Baptist Church
1322 S Broadway
Room K102
Monday 6:00 pm

OA (Overeaters Anonymous)
Episcopal Church 306 W. Euclid
Thursday 7:00 PM

Alzheimer’s Support Group
2nd Monday of the month 7:00 PM
McPherson Hall, PSU

Mt. Carmel Support Groups
Diabetes Support 1st Monday of the Month
Lupus Support Group
Huntington’s Disease Support Group
Arthritis Support Group
Stroke Recovery Support Group
Call 232-0394 for Stroke Group Info
Call 231-6100 for info on all others

Medical Clinic
Family Resource Center, 1700 N. Locust
Nurse - Tuesday, 2-4 PM
Physician - Tuesday, 5 PM
(Serves the needs of those with no health insurance, no medical card, or a huge spend-down on their medical card.)

Helping Hands Haven
Free Medical Clinic
Mon-Wed-Fri 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Tue 4:30 to 6:30 PM
Free Dental Clinic (for those without insurance or who have limited resources)
Mon 5 PM (appointment necessary)
PALS – Prescription Assistance Liason)
Pharmaceutical company samples programs and formulary.
411 E. 12th St., Pittsburg

Grief Group
Open to anyone in the community who has lost a loved one
1st Christian Church
705 E. Centennial, Pittsburg
Thursday 5:30 p.m.
Contact 231-1430 for more information

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Upcoming Events

Karaoke Nights, 8pm- 10pm, Overman Student Center U-Club

September 3

October 15

November 5

December 3

Alcohol Awareness Week:

October 11 - 17

HIV-AIDS Awareness Week:

November 16 - 21

Great Gorilla Smokeout:

November 19

Free Anonymous HIV Tests – Health Center:

September 17

October 15

November 19

December 16

Stressed Out?

Sressed Gorilla

Feeling Stressed? Test Anxiety? Log off in one of the five massage chairs in the Relaxation Room adjacent to the U-Club in Overman Student Center or try one of these useful Relaxation/Visualization Exercises!