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Official 2017 King & Queen Candidate Guidelines



• Online registration forms with resumes and tradition essays are due Friday, September 8 th , 2017 by 4:00p.m.

• Online forms may be submitted electronically beginning at 8:00a.m. on Tuesday, August 22nd , 2017.

• Please remember that any organization sponsoring candidate(s) must participate in at least one other homecoming event (candidate cars in the parade and Kickoff Night do NOT count).

• If group drops out and does not participate in a Homecoming activity, the candidate will no longer be eligible. This could result in disqualification in the following year’s Homecoming activities, determined by the Homecoming Committee.

• Organizations sponsoring candidates MUST provide candidate cars OR have a float for the candidates to ride on. The Homecoming Committee will provide transportation for the crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

• Please make sure additional paperwork is submitted by deadline and guidelines are followed.


1. Candidates must be sponsored by a Registered Student Organization.

2. All candidates must:

a. Be full-time students enrolled in at least 12 (twelve) undergraduate hours,

b. Have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, and

c. Have completed at least 48 (forty-eight) credit hours at PSU.

d. Must be in good standing with the university.

3. Any student who has previously achieved recognition as a PSU Homecoming King/Queen is not eligible to enter the contest.

4. King and Queen Candidates cannot be members of the Homecoming Steering Committee.

5. Any group sponsoring a candidate must:

a. Provide a properly decorated candidate car, mini-float, or large float for the parade, or they could be a walking group.

b. Clearly identify the candidate’s name and sponsoring organization on the parade entry.

6. The Homecoming King and Queen shall be full-time undergraduate students and must be available to represent the university community at various functions, such as Family Weekend, Apple Day, Campus Visit days, Alumni events, etc., as needed.

7. Any student who is not in good standing with the university may have their title revoked.

8. Any organization that nominates a candidate/s MUST participate in another homecoming event: Gorilla Games, Yell Like Hell or Parade Float/MiniFloat/Walking Group (Candidate Cars within in the Parade and Kickoff Night DOES NOT count).