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“I have been very lucky”


 Diane Reeves, who received and MA in History at Pitt State, teaches at El Dorado Middle School in El Dorado, Kansas, and she says she's lucky.

"I teach 8th grade U.S. History, 7th grade Kansas History and Geography," said Reeves. "I love this level of students because I feel I can teach them not only history, but also how to have morals and make a difference in this world."

By luck or not, Reeves has created a record of accomplishments since leaving PSU. In 2007, she was picked to attend the Gilder Lehrman Institute in order to study Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia and Monticello, and in 2009, Reeves spent a week studying at the University of Pennsylvania about "Remaking America: Nation and Citizen in Civil War America" through the Gilder Lehrman Institute.

While the characteristically modest Reeves might demur, others, such as Dr. Kelly Woestman, believe that Reeves should take more credit for her achievements.

"She was selected as the state representative to the Horace Mann program to study about Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois with teachers from all over the nation," said Woestman. Only one teacher was chosen to represent Kansas, and it was Reeves.

"This was during Springfield's celebration of Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday," said Reeves. "We studied at the Lincoln Library, toured the Lincoln Museum, Lincoln's home, the old state capital and more."

The remainder of her accomplishments make for quite a list: The National Young Leaders State Conference acknowledges her as an Educational Leader and Mentor; she received PSU's Golden Apple Award winner in 2009; she was one of the 30 Kansas teachers in 2008 that were honored with a certificate of her participation in the Bill of Rights program and was selected to go to Virginia and study about George Mason and George Washington, plus visit their homes; and she was invited to attend the Liberty discussion panel with other outstanding teachers around the United States on the grounds of James Madison's home.

Woestman, who proudly relates that Reeves earned her MA in History with PSU's Project eHIKES Teaching American History grant, notes that she also participated in our Project Primary Sources grant.

While Diane Reeves might call it luck, it might also be called the spirit of PSU.

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