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Out of Egypt


 Dr. Cynthia Woodburn, Department of Mathematics, in front of the pyramids

Dr. Cynthia Woodburn, Department of Mathematics, returned from spending part of her sabbatical in Egypt, including Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Esna and Edfu.  This trip was taken in order to learn firsthand about the mathematics and applied mathematics of the ancient Egyptians to help in teaching History of Mathematics. It was a Mathematical Association of America mathematical study tour.  The group Dr. Woodburn toured was composted of 30 participants among whom were a mathematician cum Egyptologist and the Executive Director of the MAA.

"I gathered a lot of information which will be useful in teaching History of Mathematics as well as other classes," says Woodburn.  "I also took many pictures which will be incorporated into lectures." 

Dr. Woodburn has already used this experience in class.

"A student wrote, 'I appreciate the historical insights and travel stories you've offered.  That kind of information makes math click for me.'" 

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