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Friday, February 19 2016
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    New Ways to Stay Informed through the GLN

    This year we’ve made it easier for you to stay connected and informed about all PSU government & community relations efforts during the legislative session and beyond.

    If you love concise, detailed analysis of legislative activities then I encourage you to follow The Capitol Gorilla blog. Updated throughout the week, This blog is a great way to find out the latest happenings under the dome and in the capital city.

    Of course, for the closest thing to “real-time” dispatches from the capitol, follow us on Twitter @capitolgorilla.


    -        Mar 1: Turnaround Day

    -        Apr 5: Drop Dead Day & First Adjournment

    -        Apr 6-May 7: BREAK

    -        May 8-24: Veto Session

    -        May 24: 90th Day