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Students celebrate mustaches

March 28, 2012 12:00AM

Students celebrate mustaches
Freshman Lindsey Stolte sports a fake mustache for Mustachio-Bashio on the Oval.

Members of Pittsburg State University’s Student Activities Council paid homage to mustaches Wednesday with “Mustachio-Bashio” on the Oval. It was one of several fun, sometimes zaney “Oval-Time” activities sponsored by the SGA this spring.

Jeanine Kunshek, one of the student organizers, said she’s always had a thing for mustaches so celebrating them seemed like a fun thing to do. Those students unfortunate enough not to have the real thing were able to choose from three styles of fake mustaches to apply.

Organizers say Oval-Time events are intended to engage students as they pass between classes and give them a fun interlude in the midst of their busy day.

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