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New sound system installed in Plaster Center
Workers install a new, 80,000-watt speaker system in the Robert W. Plaster Center.

New sound system installed in Plaster Center

A new speaker system currently being installed in the Robert W. Plaster Center will make it one of the premier facilities in the Midwest.

It takes a powerful sound system to fill a space as large as Pittsburg State’s 154,000-square-foot Robert W. Plaster Center. Thankfully, the university selected one of the best systems available.

“When you expect to host national championships and high-profile events you need the best equipment,” said Tom Myers, associate athletic director for facilities. “That’s why we selected Reliant Media Systems (RMS) for the installation. Their engineers understand that when it comes to fan experience, few things are as important as great sound.”

RMS crews are on site this week to install the Plaster Center’s sound system. The system includes six arrays with more than 50 speakers and the ability to fill the space with more than 80,000 watts of power.

“No other university audio system comes close to this one,” said Zach Aaron, RMS audio engineer. “In the Midwest we think of Arrowhead or Allen Fieldhouse as examples of standout audio systems. Once this one is complete, Pittsburg State will hold the crown.”

The installation and testing is expected to take several weeks during which time the university will also be repairing the subsurface underneath the seating area along the south wall of the facility. This necessitates temporary removal of some of the track surface. The indoor track will be unavailable for public use throughout the installation process.

“It’s a matter of safety and of timing,” said Myers. “The installation crews will have some pretty large equipment in here and we don’t want to put anyone in danger. By combining both projects we’re able to reduce the amount of time the track is unavailable.”

Work will be completed prior to the first indoor track meet on December 4. The track will again be available to the public following this competition on December 7.

Students will still have access to the ProMaxima Strength & Conditioning Center during this time.

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