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Gorilla Grove tents now available to students

Gorilla Grove tents now available to students

Beginning Thursday, students can rent tents in a new student-centered tailgating area.

Pittsburg State University sophomores Kaitlin Latta, Michael Ramirez and Lexie Binyon are among the thousands of students looking forward to Thursday’s home opening football game.

They know about the university’s move to simplify its tailgating regulations and the fact that the weekday game will mean a change in parking times. What they’re less certain about is the new student-centered tailgating area known as the Gorilla Grove.

“I don’t know much about it really,” said Ramirez. “I know it’s a separate area for students but not much else.”

The lack of awareness isn’t surprising to Steve Erwin, Pittsburg State’s vice president for student life.

“We’ve worked hard on the Gorilla Grove throughout the summer but students are just getting back into the swing of the semester,” said Erwin. “When I talk to students about the Grove they are excited. We’re pushing to get the word out this week, especially about the tent program. ”

The Gorilla Grove tent program offers students the ability to rent tents and space for just $10 per game. These tents will be set up and taken down by game-day crews.

When told about the tent program, Latta, Ramirez and Binyon immediately warmed up to the idea.

“I think that’s really cool for anyone who has a group or student clubs,” said Latta.

“And that price is very reasonable,” said Binyon “I expected it to be a lot more.”

“I’m actually texting my buddies right now,” said Ramirez. “I think we might be getting one of those tents.”

Those are the reactions Erwin is hoping for as word of the program gets out.

“When you’re a student, every dollar matters,” said Erwin. “It’s why we’ve worked to keep the price affordable. We want every student to have the opportunity to responsibly enjoy traditional tailgating.”

The number of Gorilla Grove tents available for rent are limited and available only to students on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can rent them by bringing a valid PSU Student ID to the Pittsburg State Ticket Office located in the Garfield Weede building.

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