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Crossland Family University House welcomes 10,000th visitor
Steve and Cathy Scott, far left and far right, welcome Bill and Collen Gray as the 10,000th visitor to the Crossland Family University House.

Crossland Family University House welcomes 10,000th visitor

The Crossland Family University House welcomed its 10,000th visitor on Dec. 7. Bill and Collen Gray received a gift basket and recognition for this milestone in the life of the building.

The Crossland Family University House, residence of Pittsburg State University’s president and first lady, has hosted many dignitaries and donors during its four-and-a-half-years of existence. On Wednesday, December 7, it welcomed two very special VIPs, Bill and Collen Gray.

The Gray’s entrance marked the 10,000th guest to be welcomed to the Crossland House in less than five years. To celebrate the moment, President Steve Scott and his wife, Cathy, provided the Gray’s with a gift basket filled with Pittsburg State University items.

The moment caught the Gray’s by surprise, but they were honored to be a part of such an important milestone.

“I was shocked when the president let me know we were number 10,000,” said Collen Gray. “President Scott and Cathy are the greatest hosts. They make you feel warm and welcome and they always make time for you.”

Funded entirely with private dollars, the $1.75 million Crossland House was constructed on the same site as the university’s previous presidential residence, a ranch style house built in 1954.

Named in honor of the Ivan, Sr., and Virginia Crossland family, the 6,500-square-foot house is actually two buildings in one. It includes a 3,100-square-foot private residence for the president and his or her family, and a large entertainment and engagement space for guests of the university.

“Cathy and I have hosted nearly 300 events in this space since the doors opened in 2012,” said President Scott. “Whether we’re speaking with a major donor, a legislator, or a student group; they all remark about how well thought-out and comfortable this house is. It’s become an invaluable part of our development efforts. The university is incredibly grateful for the small group of donors who made this house a reality.”

The Crossland House is well known beyond Pittsburg and has become a regular stop for university leaders who are considering similar buildings on their campuses.

“They’ve heard about the Crossland House and want to see it for themselves,” said Scott. “They walk away with a deep appreciation for the flexibility of its design and how it seamlessly fits into our campus. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to find echoes of the Crossland House on campuses throughout the Midwest.”

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