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Tobacco Policy Task Force

Charge: To review and assess the feasibility of becoming a tobacco-free campus

  • To assess the effectiveness of existing PSU tobacco policies
  • Review current policies of other institutions and gain a sense of their effectiveness
  • Determine the level of interest of various stakeholders in converting the campus to a tobacco-free environment
  • Identify the ways in which becoming tobacco-free would benefit the campus
  • Identify how a tobacco-free approach would be detrimental
  • Consider and offer advice on how to improve compliance of tobacco policies

Committee Members: Rita Girth - Co-Chair, Jim Triplett - Co-Chair, Kafui Alomenu - SGA, Dr. Bert Patrick - Faculty Senate, Barb Circle - Classified Senate, Mike McCracken - University Police, Connie Malle - University Housing, Debbie Amershek - Human Resources, Ashley Hedden - Graduate Student, Serif Uran - PSU-KNEA, Cathy Lee Arcuino - Unclassified Senate, Natalie Cullen - Intercollegiate Athletics, Chris Kelly - University Marketing & Communication, J.T. Knoll - Wellness and Prevention, and Val Engstrom – Admission

Tobacco Policy Work Group

Charge: To coordinate an awareness/implementation plan that readies the campus for the new tobacco policy.

Work Group Members: Rita Girth – Co-Chair, Jim Triplett – Co-Chair, J.T. Knoll - Wellness and Prevention,  Mike McCracken - University Police, Brendan Finley - Student Representative/Leadership, Connie Malle - University Housing, Michele Sexton - Human Resource Services, Alicia Mason – Faculty, Tom Amershek – Physical Plant, Chris Kelly - University Marketing/Communication