Pittsburg State University supports efforts to advocate on behalf of higher education. We encourage the legislature to work toward the restoration of funding for all 32 public colleges and universities; restoration of funding for deferred building maintenance; support for a School of Construction at PSU; support for innovative financial assistance programs such as the Regents’ KAN-HELP program, which will provide financial aid for middle and low-income state university students; continued funding of the Regents’ KAN-ED  program to ensure Kansans throughout the state have access to high-speed broadband internet, and completion of a four-lane highway 69 through southeast Kansas.

The State of Kansas has a proud history of supporting its higher education infrastructure, and we ask our legislature to continue this commitment to the citizens of Kansas. A healthy educational system provides opportunities for people to develop to their full potential; boosts the Kansas economy by providing a skilled workforce and allows academic institutions the ability to serve the educational, cultural and economic needs of their local community.